Yoga, Wellness & Luxury Retreats 2023 – Our Insider’s Expert Advice for Planning Your Queensland Escape

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Yoga and Wellness Retreats are becoming more and more popular….but how do you know which one is for you?

Discover everything you to know when planning your 2021 retreat, plus gain our insider’s guide to the 5 top reasons to book your next Yoga and Wellness Retreat in QLD (Queensland, Australia).

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We believe it is important to take the time to recommend to always do your due diligence, research carefully and ask questions of the organisers before committing. It is also imperative that you organise your own travel insurance and check that it is suitable for the retreat you select.  Happy retreating!yoga wellness retreat qld queensland leaf

What is a Yoga Wellness Retreat?

Yoga and Wellness Retreats are as variant in their offerings, as their locations and purpose. So, your first consideration may be – how much pampering, space and comfort do I need to find my way to inner quiet and tranquility? Join us at Haven Yoga Studio for your next Sunshine Coast, Yoga and Wellness Retreat.

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Accommodation Options & Sleeping Arrangements

Budget & Basic – Quad Share Rooms

Do you love sleeping with people you have just met? Shared accommodation is often a feature of budget Yoga Retreats, where up to 4-8 people may share in bunk bed style rooms.

Yoga retreat QLD 2021 shared room

There are obvious benefits from a financial perspective and they can be a lot of fun.  Shared rooms on a Yoga and Wellness Retreat can be a fabulous way to deeply connect with you group of friends.

However, not everyone is so keen to share a bedroom with strangers, or those they have only glanced at a few times in their Yoga studio.

Twin Share Rooms on Yoga Retreats

Our wellness expert discourages shared rooms which are higher than twin share.  “Enjoying a deep, restful sleep is one thing you should expect on your Yoga or Wellness Retreat”.

Our Yoga retreat and wellness expert recommends sharing with only one other person, if budget is a significant consideration.  “We believe it is especially important that you share with someone you know well – your best friend, sister, partner, is going to support sleep more so than being a in a room with many strangers.”

Yoga wellness retreat sunshine coast twin share beds

So why not support your budget and share with that special someone in your life.  This can be a wonderful way to strengthen relationships, rekindle romance or simply share the joy of the Yoga and Wellness Retreat with someone you love.

Reputable Yoga and Wellness Retreats will offer private rooms for their guests, understanding that being able to truly escape, is just as important during rest and sleep.  So if you are able to splurge a little and enjoy a private room, you will also find tranquility every time your door is closed….what is not to love about tranquility!

Run Down or Rustic?  Beware, Some Yoga Retreats are Not What You Expect!

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Our Yoga Retreat expert warns that price may be an indication of quality, when planning your next escape.  Queensland is full of so many beautiful, simple and well appointed accommodation options, but beware of accidently stumbling upon run down Yoga and Wellness Retreat locations.

“Not only offering school camp-like sleeping options, the quality and comfort levels of the accommodation can be ‘tent-like’ or open to the elements.  Thin mattresses, BYO bedding and well loved amenities.  It is not our idea of wellbeing or a retreat, if you are breathing in damp walls and not able to find a comfortable place to rest at night.” shares our expert.

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Don’t want to risk loosing your precious holiday time and hard earned money on an escape from a horror movie? Why not join us, and allow Haven Yoga Studio to plan your next blissful and relaxing Sunshine Coast Yoga and Wellness Retreat.

Camping & Getting Back to Nature Retreats

We love the idea of being close to nature and so a camping escape can be so deeply relaxing.

Yoga retreat camping glamping sunshine coast

If being as close to nature appeals to you…..we recommend undertaking some considerable research, to ensure a healthy and safe retreat.  The Sunshine Coast and large parts of Queensland (QLD) boasts moderate weather almost year round.  Beautiful beaches, natural rainforests and quaint townships, are all features of this amazing part of Australia. Camping Yoga and Wellness Retreats can allow a comfortable proximity to nature.

We love designated camping grounds with access to plumbed amenities, especially after a full day of Yoga, Mediation, mindful walks and exploration.  The simplicity of camp kitchens and cooking, needn’t mean you go without, but additional planning must be taken into consideration.

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Our Wellness Retreat expert also cautions, “exposure and proximity to the elements, means significant consideration about what to pack.  You will need to prepare for all weather, a range of insects and may also need to include your own bedding and first aide supplies”.  With this in mind, you may find that camping removes a little of the ‘relaxation from your retreat’….but being outdoors is often its own reward.

Simplicity Meets Serenity – Glamping and Homestyle Retreats

So a lockable door, comfortable bed off the ground and indoor plumbing with hot water appeals? ….oh and don’t worry it does to most of us!

Yoga wellness retreat qld camping outdoors

Then simplicity in your Yoga and Wellness Retreat may be the ‘Goldilocks Effect’ for you.  Queensland (QLD) has many options for wellbeing escapes that cater to those of us who’s budget allows for a shared bathroom and homestyle food and comforts.

Our wellness and retreat expert’s insider tip for those who are conscious of budget is “why not consider twin shared accommodation in a homely location or hotel.”  Giving you all of the comfort of home while away.  Don’t be fooled, you can still touch nature and be surrounded by her beauty.  Glamping tents and homestead accommodation is recommended by our wellness expert, “you can enjoy the simple things in life, without giving up a hot shower and perhaps even indoor plumbing”.

Luxury Yoga and Wellness Retreats – Pampering, Decadent & Indulgent

Only get the chance to unwind once per year? Seeking deep rejuvenation and relaxation?

Then perhaps a luxury Yoga and Wellness Retreat is for you.  Yes, Yoga Retreats can be luxurious, decadent and all inclusive. 

Queensland (QLD) offers many pampering wellness retreats, where daily Yoga, meditation and mindfulness, sits alongside day spa treatments, 5 star accommodation and chef designed yoga wellness retreat queensland QLD bed resort

Pure relaxation, supremely comfortable rooms and unique locations are features of Luxury Yoga and Wellness Retreats.  Just as close to mother nature, log cabins, French inspired surrounds and hinterland escapes, include all of the creature comforts you could want – while allowing time, space and tranquility for your deep transformation.

Our Yoga and wellness retreat expert suggests that “our busy lives and the complexity of the responsibilities of work, family, finances and all the rest, means we truly deserve to enjoy Yoga and Wellness Retreats.  No longer do you need to rough it, to enjoy a Queensland Yoga Retreat.

We recommend planning in advance, finding a reputable Studio or company who share an understanding of your unique needs and offer premium service.  Yoga and Wellness Retreats are an opportunity for transformation, Luxury Retreats in beautiful QLD make this even more possible!

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Yoga and Wellness Retreat Schedules – What to Expect?

Our personal philosophy when it comes to choosing your next Yoga and Wellness Retreat, is to consider the purpose of your escape.

Once you know if you need to unwind, get into nature, deeply relax and/or indulge, then it’s time to consider where in Queensland you would like to discover next. From beautiful beaches, hinterland hideaways and secluded spas, QLD is truly a delight to wellness retreat queensland qld 2021 woman bed stretching

Our Wellness and Yoga Retreat expert warns of retreat organisers who “over plan your schedule on your Yoga and Wellness Retreat.”  Yoga  is a practice to support you to sit in comfort with yourself and withdraw yourself from external distractions. Yet we are seeing a trend of booking every minute of your day, incorporating detailed workshops and new learnings, from; vegan cooking classes, raw recipes preparations, and a whole host of sunrise to sunset activities.  Yoga Retreats should never make you feel more exhausted as you depart, than you did on arrival.

Yoga and Wellness Retreats from experienced organisers create a menu of offerings to clients, allowing for both flexibility and personalisation.  Some of us love waking early to greet the sun, others would like to linger in bed a little longer…knowing this is the only chance for a sleep in for the next few months!yoga wellness retreat luxury woman spa queensland qld

Our inside expert suggests “We recommend experiencing a Yoga and Wellness Retreat that combines some scheduled offerings; Yoga, mediation, mindfulness, nature walks and so on, but plenty of time for you to unwind, be still and keep your own company“.  When a Yoga and Wellness Retreat is jam-packed with classes, events, tasks – you may walk away feeling as ‘busy’ as you did when you arrived.

So, let’s check off what we’ve discovered so far; comfort levels (hot water, indoor plumbing, lockable door),  privacy and tranquility (twin share, dormitory, or private room),  QLD location (beach, hinterland, forest, seclusion), and even your retreat offerings (jam-packed, over-planned, flexible, indulgent).  We look forward to hearing all about your next Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Queensland.

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Why go on a Yoga Wellness Retreat in Queensland?

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Yoga and Wellness Retreats, whether in Queensland or anywhere in the world are designed to carve out time for deep self-care and rejuvenation.

We agree with our expert, who states “any great Luxury or Wellness Yoga Retreat will gift you time with yourself, and a chance to disconnect from the everyday.”

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From those who run their own business, have high pressure jobs and also those who organise busy households, there is a Yoga and Wellness Retreat in QLD for you!

Our wellness and retreat expert explains “life is so complex, so busy, so demanding of our time and energy, there is simply nothing left to give to those we love, let alone ourselves.  The levels of stress, worry and health issues associated with modern life, can be improved on a personalised Yoga and Wellness wellness retreat qld queensland leaf

What Should you Expect on a Wellness Retreat?

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Transformative Yoga and Wellness Retreats will be designed to be inclusive, and flexible.  They will be mindfully created for their clients, from of those who regularly practice, to those just beginning.

Yoga only retreats may only offer physical Yoga sessions. Whereas a Yoga and Wellness Retreat will also offer; meditation, mindfulness and other offerings, such as breath work, to support the calming and connection of body, mind and soul.

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Your wellbeing is one of your greatest assets in life.  So when planning your next escape, holiday or pampering session, why not book a Yoga and Wellness Retreat and begin to transform your wellness retreat qld queensland leaf

5 Reasons Yoga and Wellness Retreats are Essential

#1 – Breaking Your Routine

Are you stuck in a rut?  One day seemingly blending, fading into the next.  Perhaps you feel more like the proverbial mouse in the wheel, moving so fast and constantly getting nowhere!

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Yoga and Wellness Retreats are essential to disrupt your routine, your responsibilities and your everyday.  Our Queensland Yoga and Wellness Retreats can be mini-retreats – short breaks from routine…or from a few nights to a full week away.  Regardless of the length of the retreat, a carefully chosen escape will create opportunities for inner quiet, personal growth or transformation.

It is often said, and our expert agrees, “creativity and our ability to think outside of our existence, occurs best when the mundane barrage of thoughts can be paused”. When we break from our routine, allow the retreat organiser to create personalised experiences for us, we allow the magic of Yoga, breath, mindfulness, meditation, stillness and escape refresh and rejuvenate us mind, body and soul.

#2 – Rejuvenating Mind, Body and Soul

So, you eat well, exercise somewhat regularly and find time to catch up with friends, and yet you always feel a little than vibrant?  For most of us the strain, pressures and stresses from work, family, finances and daily tasks, simply begin to take a toll on our wellbeing, our vibrancy.

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Carving our time for self-care, away from the washing up, vacuuming, bills and running from this thing to the next, is essential to refill our energy levels and love of life.  Our energy, our wellness is like a well.  It is up to us to consider the remaining energy in our wellness well, as it begins to be depleted, we must observe this and take time away to refuel, refill and rejuvenate.

“Too often I meet clients who have waited until their wellness well has completely run dry. They continue to drain from the empty well, and they find themselves sick, exhausted and short with those they cherish.” our expert in wellness shares.  It is important to plan and look forward to escapes from our daily lives.  Yoga and Wellness Retreats by the beach, in the rainforest or hinterlands are perfect Queensland escapes to rejuvenate and refill our wellness wells.

#3 – Reconnecting With Yourself

Have you too become a little lost in your roles and responsibilities?  Have they begun to define you?  Who are you at the heart and core of your being?  For some time I found myself answering questions about who I am and what I enjoy, with the roles I play in life.  First and foremost, I saw myself as a parent, then partner, employee, daughter and friend, never in did it occur to me that ‘I’ existed beyond these roles.

luxury yoga retreat wellness qld woman meditation

If this sounds like you too, then it is time to retreat!  Yoga and Wellness Retreats center on self-connection and introspection.  Who we are, is not what we do, but can so quickly become what we believe to be true of ourselves.

We can become lost to the hustle and bustle of life, the tasks to be completed, until we begin to disappear.  Our wellness expert shares that “often times parents and those who are carers for others, will come to a major milestone or event, only to find that there is simply nothing left, they have let go of any connection with themselves and have been lost inside the role of carer.”  We must be mindful of our own existence and create time for our selves.

Don’t allow yourself to disappear, take charge now and carve out time for your self-care, refill your wellness well and book a Yoga and Wellness Retreat.  We love Queensland as a destination for wellbeing and Yoga Retreats, there is something magical about the hinterlands, beaches and natural serenity.

#4 – Discovering Inner Quiet

60,000 to 80,000 thoughts are believed to race through our mind every day!  Our minds are stimulated by sound, taste, touch, sight and smell, and each of these may trigger thoughts, memories, responses and reactions.  Slowing the fluctuations of the mind, is one of the cornerstones of Yoga philosophy.  The practice embraces breathing techniques, poses and stillness to help reduce the distractions in our minds.

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Yoga and Wellness Retreats are designed to guide you towards inner quiet.  We believe that removing ourselves from the routine of everyday life, can transport our mind, body and soul to a place of tranquility.

Our expert agrees that a carefully planned and designed Yoga and Wellness Retreat “has the power to support you from a space of ‘go, go, go’, to one of inner peace, deep relaxation and introspection.”

If you are seeking transformation on your next Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Queensland (QLD), our expert reminds us to consider not simply location and comfort, “it is imperative that you have flexibility and time for self-reflection in the schedule.” A Yoga and Wellness Retreat must strike the delicate balance between offerings and time for self-discovery.

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Furthermore, our expert asks us to consider carefully both our need to feel safe and secure, while being well nourished.  “Too often I hear of clients who have attended a retreat, only to find that their accommodation did not allow for a deep and replenishing sleep.  Or, that the meals provided were restrictive and insufficient to feel satisfied.”

We love this advice!  Not everyone who attends a Yoga and Wellness Retreat will enjoy a strict vegan menu, nor wish to share in dormitory or camp-like accommodation.  Our expert’s advice is “read the offerings carefully, not just the activities, but the food and sleeping arrangements, before you commit.”  We would also suggest that you ask any questions you may have before you book (it also never hurts to get the responses in writing!).

#5 – Opportunity For Transformation

What is transformation and why would you be seeking it?  A Yoga and Wellness Retreat has the opportunity to take you away from your daily responsibilities, bring you a sense of inner peace and tranquility.  During the retreat, your journey to know yourself will begin.  This is the opening, the vibration required for transformation to be possible.

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Perhaps you are at a crossroads with careers, or maybe in between relationships.  Up until now, your life has been devoted to caring for others and along the way you have lost connection with what makes you happy and whole.  Or perhaps, you have followed a path created for you, not by you….and you wish to gain more control as to the journey you take in life and how it meanders.

A transformational Yoga and Wellness Retreat allows you to explore where you are, where you have come from and where you would like to head next.  This may take the form of life goals, career aspirations or revealing new passions, talents and possibilities.

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We love QLD’s diverse natural beauty for the endless possibilities you may find as you undergo your transformation.  Our wellness expert reminds us “don’t be fouled into thinking transformational Yoga and Wellness Retreats will upend your life and create you a whole new one, in just a few days.  This may happen of course.  More realistically however, the retreat is an opportunity to begin your journey, then as you continue to do the work on yourself, for yourself, deeper transformations reveal themselves.”

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Frequently Asked Questions – Yoga and Wellness Retreats QLD (FAQs)

1. How many nights should my first Yoga and Wellness Retreat be?

The number of nights (if you in fact stay overnight – day retreats are very popular too) will be dependent on three main considerations: how long can you press pause on your life, what is your budget and where you may like to escape to in QLD.

So you have some annual leave due, the family and pets are taken care of and you are able to drive to the Yoga and Wellness Retreat destination, we would recommend at least 2 nights to feel settled and refreshed. Those who can enjoy a longer escape or can comfortably fly to their retreat destination, may enjoy 3-7 nights allowing deep transformations to be possible.

luxury yoga wellness retreat queensland qld bed beach

Many of us though, will find even one night away a challenge to juggle, so choosing a day retreat or single night escape – that you can easily drive to and from (or have someone drop you off and pick you up) – may be the perfect option for you.  These mini Yoga and Wellness Retreat options are proving more and more popular, both for supporting budgets and those of us who are parents, carers or perhaps run our own businesses and just cannot be removed for significant lengths of time.

2. Should I twin share to help save money? Twin sharing with your best friend, partner or someone you know well enough to feel safe and supported while sleeping is a great way to enjoy a Yoga and Wellness Retreat and save some money.  You may find that by choosing this option, especially if you can take advantage of an ‘early bird’ rate – you may even be able to enjoy two or three retreats per year.

We caution our clients about quad share or even higher, as this can be a challenging space for you to find inner quiet, process your day and enable you the deeply replenishing rest required to gain the most from your Yoga and Wellness Retreat.

luxury yoga wellness retreat queensland qld bed resort

3. I don’t want to share a room, can I have a private room? Private rooms should always be available on Yoga and Wellness Retreats, however you may need to secure yours early – so as not to miss out.  We love that clients can close their door at the end of an enriching day, to find solitude and time for deep introspection and rest.  If sharing a room, we recommend twin sharing with someone you know well.  A loved one, best friend or perhaps rekindle your relationship with your partner and find growth and connection together.

4. I am not vegan, can I go on a Yoga and Wellness Retreat?

We love this question!

We wholeheartedly believe you should you not have to be vegan, or anything else to enjoy a Yoga and Wellness Retreat.  There are some locations and operators who will only offer plant based or vegan food, as part of your research, we recommend taking time to decide if this will suit your needs.

Our Yoga and Wellness Retreats are based on personalisation, choice and flexibility, where chef prepared food and catering is included in your package, we love that you decide your meals from a range of locally produced and tasty options.

5. Why are some Yoga and Wellness Retreats expensive and others seem so cheap? Yoga and Wellness Retreats are priced based on four main elements: accommodation, food, offerings, and instruction.

Where a retreat is more rustic, shared or camp-like accommodation and basic food is offered, the price should reflect this.  As you venture towards more comfortable accommodation, twin or private rooms, indoor plumbing and homestyle food, the price becomes moderate.

Luxury Yoga and Wellness Retreats where accommodation is premium, chef’s prepare meals, massages are included – you can understand that the value increases.  As a Yoga and Wellness Retreat becomes more boutique and bespoke, your needs are more closely met and your service is premium, the intrinsic value and depth of your experience increases.

6. Can I have a massage or spa treatment on Yoga and Wellness Retreats?

yoga wellness retreat qld queensland spa massage

Luxury Yoga and Wellness Retreats will often include at least one spa or massage treatment in your package.  We love this option!  During your Yoga and Wellness Retreat you will undertake some physical sessions – walking, Yoga and so forth, why not enjoy the unraveling of muscles with a pampering massage.  We also love that massages can help to move along energy in the physical body, they can support detoxification and they feel great too!

7. Why is Queensland such a great location for Yoga and Wellness Retreats?  Queensland is so naturally diverse and beautiful.  The weather is moderate and offers a range of fabulous options to escape on your next Yoga and Wellness Retreat.

QLD beaches are simply beautiful, although some have animals which restrict your safe swimming, they are still gorgeous locations for mindful walks and meditation.  Rainforests, hinterlands and rural settings in Queensland allow you to experience the diversity of wilderness, flora and fauna.

yoga wellness retreat qld queensland beach sand

8. Where in QLD can I go on a Yoga and Wellness Retreat?  We love the Sunshine Coast, the tropical north coast and of course the stunning islands off the coast of Qld. Hinterland escapes and regional towns are also a wonderful destination, where you can help support smaller businesses and communities.  We also favour more populated destinations or city Yoga and Wellness Retreat, given QLDs sprawling suburbs and abundance of local cafes, restaurants and parklands – it still has the potential to give you the gift of tranquility.

9. Do I have to be good at Yoga to go on a Yoga and Wellness Retreat?

yoga retreat wellness sunshine coast beach downward dog

Yoga and Wellness Retreats that are designed with their clients in mind, invite and support Yogis of all levels of experience and ability.  We recommend reading reviews, reaching out to the organising studio and asking any questions you may have.

10.Should I get my own travel insurance for a Yoga and Wellness Retreat? Absolutely.  We strongly recommend finding good quality personal travel insurance, with a reputable company.

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The retreat may be postponed or cancelled due to any number of reasons.  We strongly recommend you carefully reading the terms and conditions of any retreat before committing.  Ensuring you understand the terms and conditions is essential to understanding what to expect from your experience, any cancelation or postponement terms and so forth.

yoga wellness retreat qld queensland leaf

We would like to take the time to recommend to always do your due diligence, research carefully and ask questions of the organisers before committing. It is also imperative that you organise your own travel insurance and check that it is suitable for the retreat you select.  Happy retreating!

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