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Yoga Haven Studio’s Yoga and Barre classes will challenge, inspire, support and rejuvenate you.


Yoga and Barre help to strengthen body and mind


Reconnect with yourself and connect with others


Barre helps to further strengthen and support your body

Yoga Classes

Our classes are Vinyasa style, a flowing full body experience. You may hold poses for longer to build strength and endurance, or you may move through a power flow, which is a faster pass – elevating your heart rate and energising you.

Gentle Classes

These classes are designed to move through less poses in the hour, the transitions between the poses are easy to follow and the pace is great so you can feel the poses in your body. The other benefit of Gentle Yoga is that it is perfect to help balance out more powerful Yoga classes and great for those recovering from injury or illness.

Yin Classes

Yin Yoga is a simple, passive practice that targets the deeper connective tissues of the body, the fascia, ligaments, joints & bones. It is mainly floor based, coming into a pose, becoming still, relaxing the muscles and holding the pose generally for 3 to 5 minutes. It is meditative and allows us to slow down, recharge and restore balance.

Barre Classes

This 45min class is for anyone who wishes to become stronger and more toned, while having fun. Barres are used to pull, push and support the body to balance. The classes are set to upbeat music to create a light-hearted atmosphere.

Village Vibes Class

This class is only $15 to encourage our Village Community to connect and experience the benefits of Yoga.   Our Village Vibes class profits will be donated to local schools supporting children experiencing trauma.  Village Vibes is free for those with memberships.

Little One and Me

Bring your little one (0-4) to class with you and have them participate in the class with you or simply be at peace. Not only for mums, we welcome dads, grandparents, godparents and guardians. This playful class builds connection between child and carer.

Our Timetable

Choose Your Plan

Select a program that best fits your schedule and goals. All prices are inclusive of GST.


Membership Third Wave
$ 34
  • Unlimited Yoga and Barre
  • Paid monthly with direct debit $149.06
  • 20% off full direct debit price
  • 12 months commitment
  • $11.47 per class when used 3 x times per week


12 Month Unlimited Membership
  • Unlimited Yoga and Barre
  • Paid annually upfront $1,352
  • Save over $835
  • 12 months commitment
  • $8.70 per class when used 3 x times per week
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Month to Month Membership
  • Unlimited Yoga and Barre
  • Paid monthly with direct debit $186.33
  • Cancel anytime after the second month
  • $14.34 per class when used 3 x times per week
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14 Day Trial
$ 44 FOR 14 DAYS
  • Unlimited Yoga and Barre
  • Active for 14-days
  • New clients only

10 Classes

10 Class Pass
  • Yoga and Barre
  • Upfront payment of $230
  • Active for 10 classes


Casual Classes
  • Yoga and Barre
  • Paid per class
  • Single class pass only

Corporate and Private Sessions are available

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