1 Day Retreat – Sunshine Coast (2024)

Sunshine Coast ~ 1 Day Retreats

Our meticulously designed 1 Day Yoga and Wellness Retreats on the Sunshine Coast are crafted to offer a profound experience surpassing the typical yoga class or one off massage. Embracing the principles of holistic well-being, we prioritise nurturing your mind, body, and soul.

At Haven Yoga Studio Wellness Retreats, taking full advantage of Queensland’s (QLD) beautiful climate, abundant natural offerings, delectable local produce, and stunning scenery is our focus.

Tailored to support your journey toward holistic well-being, our 1 Day Yoga and Wellness Retreats invite you to explore our offerings, dedicate time to self-reflection, and establish enduring connections with like-minded individuals.

Explore our range of Luxury Yoga Retreats, Mini Retreats, and 1 Day Retreats on the Sunshine Coast to find your ideal escape. Uncover transformative experiences designed to enhance your well-being and connect you with the serenity of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Wellness & Yoga Retreat - Sunshine Coast

Yin & Crystals Mini Retreat - Sunshine Coast


Early Bird Deep Discount – Until 29th April or SOLD OUT!

Are you searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Something that lasts longer than flowers or chocolates and is a gift from the heart?

Perhaps you have always been curious about crystals and their healing properties?

We invite you to a morning of relaxation, replenishment, and creativity – where you get to take home your very own crystal bracelet creation.

Ever wanted to experience one of our exceptional Sunshine Coast Retreats? Now is the chance to join us for a wonderful morning of self-care with us at Haven Yoga Studio – home of your Wellness and Yoga Retreats.


Join us for our for our relaxing and creative Mini Retreat on Sunday 26th May.

Our Yin & Crystal Mini Retreat will include:

* Relaxing Yin with Guided Mindfulness

* Sound Bowls

* Crystal Bracelet Workshop 

* Wholesome Treats & Refreshments

Don’t delay in booking –Bookings will be extremely limited – our Retreats consistently are SOLD OUT!  Bookings essential to ensure high levels of service to you. 

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Past Wellness & Yoga Retreats Sunshine Coast

Yoga Retreat Sunshine Coast

Embark on a journey of self-care with Haven Yoga Studio’s exclusive 1 Day Yoga Retreat nestled in the serene embrace of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Yoga and Wellness Retreats are the perfect way to rediscover inner balance and calm.

Allow us at Haven Yoga Studio to extend a nurturing hand as you delve into moments of tranquillity, stillness, and self-reflection – on your next 1 Day Yoga Retreat.

Tailored for those who find it challenging to detach from the demands of everyday life, our 1 Day Retreats provide meticulous care, empowering you to continue your life with renewed vigour.

Yoga & Wellness 1 Day Retreats on the Sunshine Coast encapsulate the essence of Queensland’s charm—embracing its climate, natural beauty, delectable cuisine, and more.

Whether it’s a well-deserved break for yourself or a thoughtful gift for a loved one (our 1 Day Yoga Retreats make exquisite presents), now is the time to prioritise self-care and rediscover inner calm. Our 1 Day Retreat is the ideal offering.

Immerse yourself in the Hinterland Wellness & Yoga Retreat, a sanctuary where you can revitalise amidst the natural splendour of the Sunshine Coast.

Engage in a day filled with transformative Yoga, Breathwork, and Mindfulness sessions to forge a deeper connection with yourself and initiate the positive changes you seek in life.

From the moment you arrive, experience the soothing coastal elegance that envelops you. Indulge in local produce, soak in the renowned ambience of the Sunshine Coast—a global haven for wellness of mind, body, and soul—as you embrace surrender and serenity.

Seize this opportunity with our extremely limited spots, ensuring an intimate and unparalleled service during your coastal escape.

You are invited to take advantage of 20% Deep Discount for our 1 Day Retreat on the Sunshine Coast—a limited-time offer that invites you to immerse yourself in the transformative experience that awaits.

Discover more about our upcoming Sunshine Coast Wellness & Yoga Retreat by exploring the details below. 

Wellness and Yoga Retreats are carefully designed to dive below the surface, to go deeper than a Yoga class or a spa treatment can.  We believe in holistic wellbeing, where your mind, body, and soul are considered and nourished.

Haven Yoga Studio Wellness Retreats on the Sunshine Coast, take full advantage of Queensland’s (QLD) beautiful climate, bountiful natural offerings, delicious local produce, and stunning scenery.

Wellness Yoga Retreats are designed to support you on your journey to holistic wellbeing.  You are invited to explore our offerings, take time for self-reflection, and make deep lasting connections with other like-minded souls.

We invite you to explore our range of Luxury Yoga RetreatsMini Retreats, and Wellness Yoga Retreats – to discover your perfect next Sunshine Coast escape.

1 Day Retreat - Sunshine Coast

New Years - Yoga Retreat Sunshine Coast

Journey into self-care with your 1 Day Yoga & Wellness Retreat on the lovely Sunshine Coast.

Allow Haven Yoga Studio to take deep care of you, as you discover quiet, calm, and self-reflection.

Our 1 Day Retreats are perfect for those of us who can’t easily step away from life.  We take great care of you, so you can continue to care for everyone else.

Yoga & Wellness 1 Day Retreats on the Sunshine Coast embrace all that QLD has to offer; climate, nature, delicious food, and so much more.

If it is time for you, or a loved one (our 1 Day Retreats make excellent gifts) to practice a little self-care.  If it is time for you to find stillness and reset your batteries.  Then our 1 Day Retreat is the perfect gift.

Nourish your mind, body, and soul on our Hinterland Wellness & Yoga Retreat. Rejuvenate and unwind in the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast. 

Enjoy your day filled with Yoga, Breathwork, and Mindfulness to deeply connect with yourself and begin the transformations you are seeking in life.

Relaxed coastal elegance embraces you as soon as you arrive. Taste local produce and embrace the ambiance our Sunshine Coast is renown the world over – wellness for mind, body and soul – as you discover surrender and serenity. 

Extremely limited places available – so we may provide you with ultimate service during your coastal escape. 

Haven Yoga Studio is proud to offer a limited time – 30% Deep Discount for Early Bird bookings – 1 Day Retreat, Sunshine Coast.  

We invite you to discover more about our upcoming Sunshine Coast Wellness & Yoga Retreat below.

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