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Haven Yoga Studio ~ Sunshine Coast

Haven Yoga Studio Sunshine Coast, offers Yoga, Barre, Yin and Pilates in a boutique setting. We aspire to provide our clients with personalised service, within our eco and ethically conscious studio.

Our approach to Yoga, Yin, Barre, and Pilates is a little unique and perfect for life on the Sunshine Coast.  We encourage you to practice with self-care in mind.  Our expert teachers and smaller class sizes, allow us to genuinely support your journey.  Our goal is to create a practice, mindful of spinal health, core strengthening, and time for inner quiet and stillness.

We value supporting clients in private sessions.  Haven Yoga Studio (Sunshine Coast) Buderim offers personalised sessions for: those living with disability, recovering from injury, and those who prefer bespoke sessions. 

Haven Yoga Studio, is your home for self-care in the heart of Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.  We cannot wait to get to know you.

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Connection & Wellness

Our studio teachers are dedicated to your wellness. We believe in self-care beyond the mat, encouraging you to build connections with each other and join us for special events.

We are not a silent studio. We delight in seeing new friendships form over Yoga, Yin, Barre and Pilates. You may even enjoy connecting over a coffee, at one of the beautiful locally owned cafés.  While you are in Buderim, why not do a spot of shopping together in the boutique retail shops, supporting our local community.

Our dedication to your wellness is evident in each Yoga, Yin, Barre, and Pilates class. We extend this focus through carefully designed sensational workshops, special events, and Wellness Yoga Retreats Sunshine Coast and throughout Queensland (QLD). Allowing you to transform your wellness through self-care and dedication to your own practice.


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Wellness Yoga Retreats - Yoga Sunshine Coast

We are deeply committed to your selfcare. Offering tranquil, rejuvenating and transformational Yoga Wellness Retreats.  Our retreats are located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, where nature, local produce, and tranquility become one. 

Charmaine offers personalised wellness coaching sessions, as a qualified NLP practitioner and Life Coach. Seeking support with your career aspirations, relationships, self-worth, or feeling overwhelmed and undervalued? Our wellness coaching sessions are here to support you to live your best life, and enhance your Yoga Retreat experience.

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Yoga & Wellness Events - Yoga Sunshine Coast

Haven Yoga Studio is pleased to create opportunities for you dive a little deeper into your practice.

Join us for special events, workshops, courses, and retreats.  We welcome everyone to experience a range of wellness offerings, so you can discover how to find balance, calm, and inner peace.

Yoga workshops allow us more time, so we can go deeper into; poses, philosophy, breathwork, your body, and find release for your mind, body, and soul.

Our courses include – Pregnancy Yoga, Pregancy Pilates, Breathwork, Meditation, Mindfulness, Beginners, and Teacher Trainings.  You are welcome to visit our Yoga Events & NDIS page to discover our current offerings.

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21 DAY Transformation


Transform Yourself Through Self-Care!

Our boutique Studio is perfect for finding tranquility while practicing self-care.

Join us for 21 Days of unlimited Classes - Yoga, Barre, Pilates and Yin.

New Clients Only

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Our Studio Community

Haven Yoga Studio embraces the Sunshine Coast and was created to bring you greater joy and ease in life, and to help contribute to wellness in our community. 

We have purposely sourced eco and ethically aware studio equipment and retail offerings.

We love supporting your health and wellbeing, but wanted to do more for our local community.  Our Studio has supported community fundraising and awareness raising, for local businesses, organisations and events.  These include, but are not limited to; SunnyKids, Buderim Foundation, Little Village Early Learning, Buderim Mountain State School P&C, and Endometriosis Australia.

We are proud to support children and teachers in our local schools and community with their wellbeing.  We are dedicated to delivering play-based, nurturing and supportive Haven Kids Yoga Classes to all children.  We believe in supporting vulnerable groups and our local schools.

Our Founder

Charmaine, stumbled upon Yoga when she was recovering from a car accident 20 years ago. When she first started Yoga as part of her healing, she didn’t expect to continue the discipline but, like so many others, she fell in love with the strength, grace and challenge of Yoga.

Charmaine began to complement her Yoga practice with Barre, so as to strengthen her legs and protect her lower back. Not a dancer, but rather someone who has enjoyed playing sports such as soccer, Charmaine thoroughly enjoys the energy, strength and toning that Barre provides.

Charmaine is a Primary School Deputy Principal, with nearly two decades of experience nurturing and educating young people. She brings this experience to her Yoga and Barre teaching, challenging, inspiring and rejuvenating her clients.

Charmaine has uniquely designed classes to provide sanctuary and time to quieten the mind and reconnect with yourself and with others – a Haven. 

Along with many other benefits, regular Yoga practice improves concentration, circulation, breath and helps you to be happier in your own body, Pilates and Barre strengthens and conditions your body and mind, by working your brain, muscles and ligaments. Barre, Pilates, Yin and Yoga are natural partners, truly providing you with a sense of balance.

Wellness coaching sees Charmaine’s passion for supporting clients off the mat and in life.  Through tailored life coaching sessions and the use of NLP tools and strategies, Charmaine supports you to live your best life!

Charmaine is delighted to offer holistic coaching and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) sessions for individuals and businesses. Our coaching sessions are exclusive and tailored to your unique situation.  

Holistic Coaching and NLP sessions enable you to clarify specific challenges, goals and desires for for your life. Holistic coaching sessions with Charmaine include specialised tools to support you to release limiting beliefs and emotions, live in alignment with your values – revealing your pathway to transcendence and deep transformation.

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Yoga, Barre, Yin & Pilates Benefits

Life Coaching & Corporate Sessions

We believe Yoga to be about so much more than the poses we make during class.  Haven Yoga Studio Sunshine Coast offers you Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Yin, and Wellness all in one beautiful location. Our diverse classes and timetable have been carefully designed to support you to strengthen, stretch, find quiet and connect with yourself and your breath.  

Our Yoga and Yin classes finish in Savasana – a pose where you lay on the mat, eyes closed and move towards a meditative state. This helps to calm the central nervous system and can improve concentration and focus. Other benefits of Yoga, Yin and Barre & Pilates at Yoga Haven Studio Sunshine Coast are included below.

Holistic coaching and NLP sessions with Charmaine for individuals, teams, and corporate environments. We are proud to be an NDIS services provider, supporting those who plan and self-manage their NDIS.  We offer a range of private classes, Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Yin, Holistic Coaching, corporate Yoga, and Luxury Yoga Retreats Sunshine Coast. 

Haven Yoga Studio is also your home for Wellness Yoga Retreats, Sunshine Coast. Enriching and enhancing your mind, body and soul, through personalised approaches and offering bespoke solutions and tailor made experiences.

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Benefits of Yoga Sunshine Coast

 Supporting the longevity of our whole bodies, through strengthening, toning and movement.

 Lubricated joints and activated muscles, meaning your body becomes more flexible while increasing or maintaining functionality.

 Increased blood flow in the body, helping to improve posture and balance.

 A sense of calm and connection within your own body, by being more mindful of your breath with movement.

 Deepened positive connections between child and carer in our Little One and Me class.

 Improving management of stress and emotions.

 A safe place for who would like to connect with themselves and practice self-care.

 An accessible and supportive environment for all.

 A sense of calm, safety and tranquility, helping to promote connections with like-minded people in your community.

Benefits of Barre & Pilates (Buderim)

 Strengthens and tones lower body

 Strengthens core

Fun and challenging

Supports longevity and overall health

Compliments the flexibility of Yoga and Yin practices

Improves mind-body and breath-movement connection

Benefits of Yin (Buderim)

Improves flexibility

Increases circulation in the joints

Helps reduce stress and anxiety

Promotes deep relaxation

Improves the flow of chi (energy) though the body

Stimulates the rest and digest nervous system

Brings balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit

Our Studio Teachers - Barre, Pilates, Yin, Yoga Sunshine Coast

Haven Yoga Studio – Sunshine Coast is home to exceptional Yoga, Yin, Pilates, and Barre teachers.  Each of our teachers shares a deep passion for the practice.  We are dedicated to delivering tailor made classes for our clients. 

Our boutique Sunshine Coast Studio allows you to deeply connect with each of our teachers.  We encourage you to embrace their diversity, as you continue to deepen and refine your own Yoga, Yin, Pilates and Barre practice.  

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