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Life Coaching, NLP, Yoga courses, NDIS services, and special events are all on offer in our beautiful Sunshine Coast studio, QLD.

Haven Yoga Studio is focused on sharing gratitude, practicing self-care and supporting wellness. Our studio is proud to host a diverse range of classes, events, family & kids mini retreats and workshops in our boutique Buderim studio. 

We believe wellness begins with a regular Yoga, Barre, Yin, and Pilates practice and is enhanced through opportunities to dive a little more deeply into breath, movement, mindfulness and meditation.  Our adult offerings include a range of events, courses, workshops and classes, providing multiple ways to support your self-care. 

Prenatal or Pregnancy Yoga Classes are a wonderful way to support mum’s to be, from 12 weeks gestation.  We love offering tailor made classes, with our specially trained teachers to ease your journey from pregnancy to child birth and beyond.  Our Sunshine Coast studio, in Buderim offers a tranquil location for mum’s to be.

Our Private Classes and Yoga Therapy Sessions are available by appointment.  We design your program with you, creating a personalised approach to achieving your goals.  Our Private Classes are a wonderful way to support you through injury recovery, to begin your Yoga, Barre and Pilates journey.  Haven Yoga Studio is proud to support clients who self-manage their NDIS.

Our studio offers Kids Yoga Classes each school term which focus on breath, movement and self-connection.  School holidays are a time for children to unwind, and our Kids Yoga Mini Retreats are carefully designed to be highly engaging while rejuvenating.

Life Coaching & NLP

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Expert Life Coaching - Sunshine Coast

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Clarity, Alignment and Transcendence through Life Coaching are exclusively available with Charmaine and Aspire Life Coaching.

As a qualified Life Coach and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Practitioner, Charmaine expertly weaves her knowledge of wellness, the ups and downs of life and corporate leadership, to create bespoke sessions for you.

Personalised sessions with Charmaine center on you. Supporting you where you are at, the challenges you are facing, and the goals you have to enhance & enrich your one beautiful life.

Corporate and business coaching sessions focus on visions, values, KPIs, and outcomes for teams and individuals. Charmaine’s professional experience of over 14 years in corporate leadership, positions her to empower your organisations’ success potential with coaching and NLP tools.

Corporate Coaching, Yoga, Wellness

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Corporate Coaching & Wellness Sessions

Corporate Coaching, Yoga and Wellness Sessions are available with Haven Yoga Studio and Aspire Life Coaching.  We are proud to offer companies, teams, and individuals expert coaching and wellbeing sessions.  With almost 20 years experience in the corporate world, Charmaine understands the importance of the wellbeing of your people, teams, and leaders.  She offers a unique blend of corporate experience, coaching with NLP, and wellness expertise to tailor wellbeing sessions for your company.

Charmaine understands that the wellbeing of individuals, directly impacts the progress and success of company goals and outcomes.  As a leader in schools for over 14 years, Charmaine has developed skills to enhanced the wellness individuals and teams, to meet corporate targets and key performance indicators.

  Haven Yoga Studio offer corporate coaching, and wellness sessions with Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breath. Our Sunshine Coast team delivers key note addresses, retreat sessions, conference wellbeing opportunities and more throughout Queensland.  

Our point of difference is a balance of wellness knowledge, coaching skills, NLP practices, and corporate leadership expertise. Secure your company’s place by booking your initial consultation with Charmaine.

Corporate Coaching, Yoga & Wellness

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Corporate Coaching, Yoga and Wellness Sessions are available with Haven Yoga Studio.  We are proud to offer companies and teams expert support with wellbeing.  

With almost 20 years experience in the corporate world of education, Charmaine understands the importance of the wellbeing of your people, teams and leaders.  Observing first hand the burn out rate of staff and leaders, she offers a unique blend of corporate experience, coaching skills, and wellness expertise to tailor wellbeing sessions for your company.

Your company goals and targets must include the wellbeing, morale, and culture of your workplace environment.

Charmaine understands that the success of business is directly related to the wellbeing and satisfaction of the individuals and leaders who work for you. 

Haven Yoga Studio offer corporate coaching sessions, NLP tools, and wellness opportunities.  We happily create bespoke solutions for your team, including key note addresses, corporate retreats, and conferences throughout Queensland.  

Haven Yoga Studio Special Events

Haven Yoga Studio creates special events to enhance your wellness.  Designed to provide opportunities to deeply relax, unwind and find inner quiet, each special event will leave you feeling more peaceful and connected with yourself.

Special Events

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Restorative Yoga Evening

With Amber Knight

Commit to Deep Soul Rest on Friday 29th April. Enjoy 2 hours of whole body restoration.
Together we will quieten the mind, release muscular tension, and improve mobility & flexibility.
Our Yoga Nidra will aim to balance the nervous system, and boost the immune system.
Bolsters provided, please bring along your own Yoga mat.  Please wear layered clothing and bring along an extra pillow, bolster or cushion, and a blanket.  Eye pillows are welcome too.
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Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop

With Amber Knight

Join Amber, a trained ‘Calm Living Mindfulness Meditation Teacher’ – for Mindful May – on Saturday 28th May for her 2 hour workshop, supporting you to develop mindfulness and meditation. Amber will share with you simple techniques, so you can discover how mindfulness meditation can help to:
* preserve the brain’s grey matter
* reduce fear, anxiety and stress
* improve attention, concentration
* reduce emotional reactivity
* manage chronic pain
* improve focus
* enhance creativity
* improve communication
* increase productivity

On completion of this workshop you will have:
* simple steps to begin your own meditation practice (without the need of a teacher or a recording)
* skills to develop a regular meditation practice (achievable within your day & that you actually look forward to!)
* the ability to practice being more present anywhere, anytime
Bookings essential, limited spaces available.
Please bring along your own Yoga mat.
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Intuitive Art Workshop

By Sarah  

Arrive with a beginners mind and leave with a deeper understanding of yourself.
Join me, Sarah for a journey of self expression through gentle flowing movement and intuitive art processes.

Trained in both Initiatic Art Therapy and Yoga for Mental Health, Sarah provides a welcome, supportive space for you to explore both the physical and emotional body through movement, colour, line, and image.

No experience of either yoga or art are necessary for this workshop and all art materials + vegan treats and teas are supplied.

BYO mat and wear comfortable clothing.

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Kundalini Yoga & Sound Immersion


Final workshop for the year – Sacred 2 hour journey into celestial realms, to then return back to Earth feeling a deep sense of peace, rejuvenation & activation of soul purpose
𝗔𝗰𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗮𝘁𝗲 your Life Force Energy with Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation and then be bathed in the healing frequencies of a deeply regenerative Sound Immersion.  
𝗔𝗰𝘁𝘂𝗮𝗹𝗶𝘀𝗲 your Higher Consciousness  with Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technology which opens your energy centers, allowing you to channel creative energy, transform your consciousness, attract abundance and create a stillness and calmness which helps to deflect the stresses of the modern world.
𝐏𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐚 𝐲𝐨𝐠𝐚 𝐦𝐚𝐭,  𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐤𝐞𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐰𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐫
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Kids Yoga School Holiday Events

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Haven Yoga Studio is dedicated to the wellness of children and teens.  We appreciate that our younger Yogis can experience challenges, worries and are discovering who they are.  Our school holiday – Kids Yoga Mini Retreats are carefully designed to create opportunities for personal growth, relaxation and a whole lot of fun.  

Haven Family Mini Retreat

FAMILY MINI RETREAT valued at over $190

Do you want to strengthen and support your relationship with your tween or teen?

Life is becoming more and more challenging for young people and their families. It seems that as children grow, they crave their space more, yet need us more too.

Join us for our Family Mini Retreat on Sunday 15th January. Together we will share, connect, and enhance our understanding, communication, and connection as a family. 

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Yoga Courses

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Yoga for Neck & Shoulders

WORKSHOP – By Gena Kenny

Free your neck and shoulders, live with more ease throughout your whole body.

Perhaps you have chronic neck pain, or you have noticed excessive stress on your neck when you do certain movements like getting up from a chair, walking, reaching for a shelf, or working at a computer.

Your patterns of movement and your habits of holding your body can keep you trapped in a cycle of chronic tension and pain.  This workshop will take you on a complete journey from your neck to your pelvis and to your feet. We will sense into and discover where habits are long held. We will also consider how counterbalancing movements of your head and pelvis move through your neck, and how movements of your ribs can reduce strain or provide support.

Join Gena Kenny and discover how your whole body works together, how you coordinate your posture in sitting, in walking, breathing, and how you use your arms can all influence neck pain. 

The workshop is designed to be accessible to anyone regardless of your current abilities and or pain.  You will learn simple and helpful home practices to further your journey of moving without pain and tension. 

This workshop is open to all abilities, bookings are essential.

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Yoga For Childbirth

Pregnancy yoga class sunshine coast

Yoga for Childbirth - Course

Are you pregnant and seeking support for your delivery, regardless of how you choose to bring bub into the world?

Would you like to gain knowledge to guide your body, mind, and energy as you journey towards the end of your pregancy?

This course will provide tools and practices to use in the lead up to and during your childbirth to help you stay in a calmer nervous system response for longer (meaning your important birth hormones will continue to flow and your labour more likely to naturally progress) and to help you keep focussed when in the latter half of active birthing. 

Bookings are essential and new dates coming soon, right here on the Sunshine Coast. 

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Private Sessions & Small Group Classes

Haven Yoga Studio is dedicated to helping to support your personal goals for self-care and wellness.  Our Private Classes provide an opportunity for us to personalise your program with us.  Together we design, assess and modify your Private Classes to ensure that you are supported, while achieving the outcomes you desire.  

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Private Sessions

An opportunity to deeply personalise your practice 

Haven Yoga Studio is dedicated to creating a supportive and nurturing space for all clients, and we offer both in Studio and home-based sessions.

Private Sessions allow us to personalise your classes for your wellness, fitness, strengthening or other goals.  We offer Private Sessions in Yoga, Barre, Yin, Meditation, Mindfulness and Pilates – you are also welcome to create a bespoke fusion class.  

Our Private Clients include those who prefer a little privacy when they practice and enjoy the one-on-one support of their teacher.  We also offer Private Sessions for clients who are recovering from illness or injury and require additional focus, while they strenghthen.

Spaces are available now for Private Sessions in our boutique studio or your home.

With limited spaces available please don’t delay contacting us today.

Small Group Classes

Are you and your friends seeking classes designed just for you?  

At Haven Yoga Studio we believe in creating a space that embraces everyone.  Our approach is supportive and collaborative.  We value working with you, and any support and health services you request, to provide specialised care.

Small Group Classes are an opportunity for you and a few friends to gather, connect and develop your wellbeing, strength, tone and flexibility. We are dedicated to providing you ongoing support and feedback, to continue to provide exceptional service.

Some of our small group classes include hens and other pre-wedding sessions, baby showers, weekly classes with friends.  Reach out to begin your personalised journey today.

Spaces are available now for Small Group Classes in our boutique Studio or your home.

With limited spaces available please don’t delay contacting us today.

Private Sessions - NDIS

Do you or does someone you support someone who requires additional care and attention for their wellbeing?

Haven Yoga Studio is dedicated to creating a supportive and nurturing space for all clients.

We love supporting all of our clients. Our current Private Clients include people like Lochie (pictured) whose family self-manage NDIS.  Like Lockie, you may be eligible to access Yoga, Barre and Pilates, as part of your wellbeing package.  

Haven Yoga Studio is pleased to offer Yoga, Yin, Barre, Pilates and Wellness private sessions to those who would like to dive a little deeper into their self-connection and feel benefits of working closely with their teacher.

We also support those recovering from injury, for whom one-on-one support is required, to nurture our clients towards increased strength and range of motion.

Spaces are available now for Private Classes

With limited spaces available please don’t delay contacting us today.

School Wellness Opportunities

Haven Yoga Studio is proud to offer schools expert support with wellbeing.  With over 14 years in educational leadership, Charmaine is uniquely qualified to support schools through planning, delivery and embedding wellness practices – in classrooms, staffrooms and beyond the school gate.

Our School Wellness offerings include Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Wellness, through professional development, whole-of-school approaches and more.  

Our point of difference is a balance of wellness knowledge and school leadership expertise. Secure your school’s place for 2021 by booking your initial meeting with Charmaine.

School Wellness Opportunities

Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness & Wellness – for staff, students and community.

Haven Yoga Studio is taking bookings for 2022 and spaces are extremely limited.

We are dedicated to supporting schools meet their wellness goals and are proud to offer professional development sessions for teachers, including in class modelling of strategies for wellbeing. 

Haven Yoga Studio draws on its wellbeing and educational expertise offering targeted staff and student sessions including Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breath.

Secure your school’s complimentary initial meeting with Charmaine, to determine your school’s wellness goals.

Corporate Wellness Sessions

Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness & Wellness – for staff, teams & leaders.

Haven Yoga Studio is taking bookings for corporate wellness sessions and spaces are extremely limited.

We are dedicated to supporting companies meet their wellness goals and are proud to offer sessions for staff, teams and leaders. 

Haven Yoga Studio draws on its wellbeing and educational leadership expertise offering tailored sessions including Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breath.

Secure your company’s complimentary initial meeting with Charmaine, to determine the tailored wellness support for your people.

Bookings and inquiries welcome:

Haven Kids Yoga Classes

  • 8 week term pass only $128 per child.
  • Casual Classes available (space permitting) only $20 per session.
  • Bookings essential. Limited places available.
  • Thank you for bringing a mat for your child.

Thank you for being mindful of our Studio Etiquette:

  • Please bring your own mat and water bottle for your child/self to all classes
  • Thank you for wearing socks in studio
  • Thank you for sanitising your hands on entry and exit
  • Thank you for staying home if you are feeling unwell