Workshops and Special Events

Haven Yoga Studio is proud to host Calmer Kids Yoga Classes.  Our classes are specially designed to give your child the best opportunity to learn, grow and feel comfortable. 

First Pointe
Complimentary Ballet Barre Class

Haven Yoga Studio is proud to collaborate with First Pointe Dance. 

Laura is one of our amazing Barre teachers at Haven Yoga Studio.  She is also Principal of First Pointe Dance.  Laura shares with us her love of Barre and how it supports her Ballet Practice.

Laura has a complete Ballet-Barre Class recorded with Haven Yoga Studio.  Please contact us if you would like to experience this complimentary class.

Calmer Kids
Complimentary Yoga Class

Haven Yoga Studio is proud to collaborate with Calmer Kids.  Together we would like to share this Kids Yoga Class, with compliments for your family to enjoy.

Please contact us and we will happily share a complimentary Calmer Kids Yoga Class with you.

Guided Home Practice
12 Week Course

Have you been searching for an Online Studio that offers something special, something tailored with you in mind?

Our Guided Home Practice blends the benefits of exclusive access to 17 Live Streamed classes each week, where the teacher will check in before and after each class, tailoring each practice for the clients in the Online Studio. You will also enjoy weekly group connections with Studio owner, Charmaine.

As a special bonus you will enjoy a personal Yoga or Barre class with Charmaine, valued at over $150. This personal session allows you to delve deeper into your practice, support your alignment, and provide you with a personal goal for your own practice. This 12 week Guided Course will also share daily Yoga philosophies, to help deepen your love of this beautiful practice.

Teen Wellness Collective
12 Week Course

Haven Yoga Studio is proud to offer a supported 12 Week Course designed specifically to support Teen wellness.

Our Teen Wellness Collective is an opportunity for teens to connect in a moderated and guided setting. A daily gratitude practice, will help to support teens to feel hopeful, grounded and thankful during challenging times. Our course encourages teens to connect weekly, supported by Haven’s owner, Charmaine a qualified teacher and previous Deputy Principal.

Our focus will be on sharing goal setting and wellness strategies, helping teens to navigate the stresses of school, social and other pressures. Our 12 week course is specially designed to help teens form healthy habits, finding the joy in small things and work towards their goals in positive ways.

Kids Yoga Classes

Calmer Kids Yoga Classes

Thursdays: 3:30pm – 4:10pm (5-8 years)

Calmer Kids Yoga Class

Tuesdays: 3:30pm – 4:10pm (9-12 years)


  • 8 week term pass only $128 per child.
  • Bookings essential. Limited places available.

Kids Yoga Class Details:

A typical session will include:

  • Yoga (movement)
  • Fun games
  • Breathing techniques
  • Fun games
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Relaxation

Helen, co-founder of Calmer Kids and mother of twins, is passionate about sharing the life skills we can learn through yoga with children in a fun and inspiring way. She believes the younger we can learn the tools that yoga gives us the better. Through a combination of movement, play, breath and meditation, she loves helping children to gain the skills to be calm, resilient and balanced. Please ensure your child has a water bottle, comfortable clothes and a yoga mat if they have one. Yoga mats can otherwise be provided at the studio.