Benefits of Yoga, Barre,
Yin & Mat Pilates

Wellness for mind, body and sense of self

We believe Yoga to be about so much more than the poses we make during class.  Our classes and timetable have been carefully designed to support you to strengthen, stretch, find quiet and connect with yourself and your breath.  

At Haven Yoga Studio we offer carefully curated in Studio Boutique items, which we believe support your wellbeing on and off your mat.  Our Boutique Studio Shop includes a select range of props, clothing, giftware and more.  Each item is hand selected by Charmaine and celebrate Haven’s passion for sustainable, eco conscious and beautiful products.

Our Yoga and Yin classes finishes in Savasana – a pose where you lay on the mat, eyes closed and move towards a meditative state. This helps to calm the central nervous system and can improve concentration and focus. Other benefits of Yoga, Yin and Barre & Mat Pilates at Yoga Haven Studio are included below.

Benefits of Yoga

  •  Supporting the longevity of our whole bodies, through strengthening, toning and movement.
  •  Lubricated joints and activated muscles, meaning your body becomes more flexible while increasing or maintaining functionality.
  •  Increased blood flow in the body, helping to improve posture and balance.
  •  A sense of calm and connection within your own body, by being more mindful of your breath with movement.
  •  Deepened positive connections between child and carer in our Little One and Me class.
  •  Improving management of stress and emotions.
  •  A safe place for who would like to connect with themselves and practice self-care.
  •  An accessible and supportive environment for all.
  •  A sense of calm, safety and tranquility, helping to promote connections with like-minded people in your community.

Benefits of Barre & Mat Pilates

  •  Strengthens and tones lower body
  •  Strengthens core
  • Fun and challenging
  • Supports longevity and overall health
  • Compliments the flexibility of Yoga and Yin practices
  • Improves mind-body and breath-movement connection

Benefits of Yin Yoga

  •  Improves flexibility
  •  Increases circulation in the joints
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Improves the flow of chi (energy) though the body
  • Stimulates the rest and digest nervous system
  • Brings balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit

At Haven Yoga Studio we love curating a range of eco conscious, beautifully crafted and ethically made brands.

Our Studio Boutique comprises of a selection of carefully sourced items, including Yoga Mats, bolsters and Yoga clothing.  We source items to support your health and wellbeing, both on and off the mat, such as eye masks, aromatherapy and handmade market baskets.  A small sample is displayed below.

Boutique items are available for collection in Studio.  We recommend calling ahead, to arrange collection times and to check availability.

Second Earth 2E Connected Mats

These anti-slip Yoga mats are a favourite of our teachers and our clients.  They are composed of 100% natural materials, including natural rubber and jute. We love that they are non-toxic, 100% eco-friendly and sustainable.

Available in Studio in a range of colours.

Mindful & Co Kids Yoga Mats

Beautifully designed and perfectly suited to children. These non-toxic Kids Yoga Mats are also machine washable and lighter weight for little people.  We love the range of designs available.

Available in Studio in a range of colours.

Handmade Market Baskets

Handmade French Market Baskets are perfect for carrying your Yoga props to and from the Studio, towel and sunscreen to the beach and collecting groceries. We love that these baskets are designed with eco friendly palm fronds and with leather carry handles. 

Available in Studio in a range of styles, sizes and colours.

Barre and Mat Pilates Grip Socks 

Move Active Grip Socks are perfect for connecting you with your mat, while enjoying Mat Pilates and Barre.  We love that each time we purchase these amazingly comfortable and fun socks, a charity of our choice is supported too.

Available in Studio in a range of styles, sizes and colours.