Haven Yoga Studio Buderim

Your Yoga, Barre, Mat Pilates and Wellness Studio

Our Studio

Haven Yoga Studio offers Yoga, Yin and Barre in a boutique setting. We aspire to provide our clients with personalised service, within our eco and ethically conscious Studio.

Our Yoga and Yin classes host up to 20 clients, with Barre catering for 16 per class. Our boutique Studio fosters a connection with our teachers, so they may tailor experiences with our clients in mind. We encourage you to become familiar with our talented teachers, so they can continue to design classes that help support your journey.

Our Studio encourages you to build connections with each other. We are not a silent Studio and delight in seeing new friendships form over Yoga, Yin and Barre. You may even enjoy connecting over a coffee at one of the locally owned cafés near our Studio.

Our dedication to your wellness is evident in each Yoga, Yin and Barre class. We extend this focus through carefully designed workshops and other Studio offerings. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on areas you would like us to explore and experience with us at Haven Yoga Studio.

Our Community Focus – Our Dharma

Haven Yoga Studio was created to bring in more happiness and to help contribute to goodness. We have purposely sourced eco and ethically aware Studio equipment, with your health and wellbeing in mind, but wanted to do more for our local community. We are proud to support children in our local schools who experience trauma. We are dedicated to delivering funds directly to schools, so they can support best children who may have lost a close relative or had other traumatic experiences. We believe children who are most vulnerable and live in our local area, are a truly worthy cause to support. We therefore donate all profits from our Yoga class, Village Vibes to this cause. We also donate 100% of our mat hire proceeds to support children. We thank you for choosing to support this cause too, knowing that by hiring a mat or paying for the Village Vibes class, you are contributing to our community.

Our Founder

Charmaine, stumbled upon Yoga when she was recovering from a car accident 20 years ago. When she first started Yoga as part of her healing, she didn’t expect to continue the discipline but, like so many others, she fell in love with the strength, grace and challenge of Yoga.

Charmaine began to complement her Yoga practice with Barre, so as to strengthen her legs and protect her lower back. Not a dancer, but rather someone who has enjoyed playing sports such as soccer, Charmaine thoroughly enjoys the energy, strength and toning that Barre provides.

Charmaine is a Primary School Deputy Principal, with nearly two decades of experience nurturing and educating young people. She brings this experience to her Yoga and Barre teaching, challenging, inspiring and rejuvenating her clients.

Charmaine has uniquely designed classes to provide sanctuary and time to quieten the mind and reconnect with yourself and with others – a Haven. Along with many other benefits, regular Yoga practice improves concentration, circulation, breath and helps you to be happier in your own body, and Barre strengthens and conditions your body and mind, by working your brain, muscles and ligaments. Barre and Yoga are natural partners, truly providing you with a sense of balance.

Our Teachers

Haven Yoga Studio is home to exceptional Yoga, Yin and Barre teachers.  Each of our teachers shares a deep passion for the practice.  We are dedicated to delivering tailor made classes for our clients. 

Our boutique Studio allows you to deeply connect with each of our teachers.  We encourage you to embrace their diversity, as you continue to deepen and refine your own Yoga, Yin and Barre practice.