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Registrations Open – Kids Yoga Classes

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We are excited to announce that we will be hosting Helen, founder of Calmer Kids Yoga Classes at Haven Yoga Studio on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

We are excited to share with you an exclusive early access for your child/ren to join one of the two classes each week.  Registrations are now open.

:: Click below to secure a space for your 5-8 year(s) in our Calmer Kids term:

:: Click below to secure a space for your 9-12 year(s) in our Calmer Kids term:

We will be sharing this opportunity on social media and the wider community on Wednesday 22 January, so please do not delay.

Your early exclusive access, will help you to secure a space for your child.  Please email if you require support to book your child.

:: Class Times and Details ::

*9-12 years – Tuesdays 3:30pm – 4:10pm

*5-8 years – Thursdays 3:30pm – 4:10pm

Classes run for an 8 week block, from week 2 of the school term through week 9, starting 4th or 6th February.

Our classes are created around these two age groups to ensure your child is given the best opportunity to learn, grow and feel comfortable. Please ensure your child has a water bottle, comfortable clothes and a yoga mat if they have one. Yoga mats can otherwise be provided at the studio.

:: Location ::

Haven Yoga Studio, 37 Main Street Buderim.

:: Investment ::

Our 8 week term pass is only $128 per child.

Bookings essential. Limited places available.

:: Meet you teacher ::

Helen, co-founder of Calmer Kids and mother of twins, is passionate about sharing the life skills we can learn through yoga with children in a fun and inspiring way. She believes the younger we can learn the tools that yoga gives us the better. Through a combination of movement, play, breath and meditation, she loves helping children to gain the skills to be calm, resilient and balanced.

For details on the curriculum and offerings during the 8 week Calmer Kids Classes, please contact Calmer Kids via .

:: Calmer Kids Yoga Class Details ::

Do you want your child to learn the skills they need to be calm and connected?

We are excited to announce that Calmer Kids will now be offering yoga classes for primary school age on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at our beautiful Buderim Studio.

Calmer Kids pride themselves on offering fun and interactive classes that are designed to empower and educate children with knowledge and skills they can apply in real life.

As well as fun, dynamic movement and games, all classes will provide calming strategies to help children centre and connect to themselves and the world around them.

:: A typical session will include ::

*Yoga (movement)
*Fun games
*Breathing techniques
*Mindfulness activities                                                                                                                      *Relaxation

 :: Some of the areas you can expect your child to explore ::
– Calming and relaxation strategies
– Emotional awareness and self-regulation
– Stress management and techniques to decrease anxiety
– Concentration and focus
– Connection, communication and socialization
– Self-confidence and positive self image

:: Benefits of Calmer Kids Yoga ::
– Improves flexibility and increases physical strength
– Reduces anxiety and helps children learn to relax
– Improves coordination
– Builds communication and social skills
– Teaches self regulation, emotional awareness and sense of self

:: Testimonials ::

“My children absolutely loved their session and both asked to book in for next week! They fell asleep with their eye pillows on too, thank you so much Helen”
– Beth, Mother

“Thank you for helping me to do Yoga and to relax.”                                                                                    Indi, Year 6

“It made me feel calm. I use it when I feel frustrated.”
— Zaynub, Year 1

“It felt like all the stress left my body.”
— Maisy, Year 5

Strictly limited places, please book via:

:: Click below to secure a space for your 5-8 year(s) in our Calmer Kids term:

:: Click below to secure a space for your 9-12 year(s) in our Calmer Kids term:

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